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Inspired by the vibrant colors and prints of West African wax fabrics, the Africa series features bold murrine and bright colors.

20 1/2" H x 17 3/4" W x 11 3/4" D


Fenice, or “phoenix” in English, is named for La Fenice theatre in Venice. These works gracefully curve into delicately tapered necks, and feature avventurine - a technique that imbeds metal shavings into the molten glass to create a metallic effect.

19 3/4” H x 20” W x 14 1/2” D


Inspired by the biblical Queen Sheba (or “la regina di Saba” in Italian), Saba has a mystical quality that often features jewel tones paired with warm red and orange hues. Lino uses incalmo to create the bands of color and cane through the body of the works

39 3/4” H x 17” W x 8 1/4” D.


The Mandara series are primarily closed-form vessels whose surfaces have been heavily engraved in a variety of patterns. In conceiving these works, Lino reflected on the decorative mandala drawings of the Bhuddist religion, whose intricate and geometric designs encourage meditation and focus. The Maestro similarly finds meditation and reflection in the process of glassblowing.

17 3/4" H x 15 1/2" W x 5 1/2" D


Lino travels to South America in this series and imbues the glass with the sights and sounds of Brazil. The vessels feature organic forms and a colorful patchwork pattern, achieved by incalmo and made even more dimensional through cold-working.

21" H x 9" W x 8 1/2" D


This artwork is composed exclusively of Florencia murrina, created by layering and folding together different colors of flat ribbon cane. This series is named for the fleur-de-lis symbol that represents the city of Florence. 

13 3/4" H x 16 1/2" W x 16 1/2" D


These opaque vessels are made with freshly melted colors, rather than reheated glass rods. This adds vibrancy to the work and highlights the warm tones of the reds and oranges. Named by the Provence region of France, the Maestro took inspiration from this landscape, as well as the French artist Cezanne, for these
painterly vessels.

19 1/2" H x 11 3/4" W x 6" D


The Nassau series is one of the Maestro’s most recent innovations. Lino explains that this effect is meant to evoke the design of a topographic map. Captivated by the vibrancy of the colours and culture of the Caribbean, Lino Tagliapietra named this particular series after the capital of the Bahamas.

13 1/2" H x 11 1/2" W x 5 1/4" D


One of the Maestro’s most enduring series, the Dinosaur series represents the drama of glassblowing. Lino stretches and curves the neck of the vessel in the last moments of the glassblowing process - a feat that requires the precision and attention of the entire glassblowing team.

54 1/2" H x 12" W x 6" D


The Aquilone series, an innovation from early 2019, features oval shaped murrina that create “windows” of color throughout the glass. The Maestro took inspiration for these colorful murrine from his childhood memories of kite-flying on Murano, and even named the piece after the pastime: aquilone means kite in Italian.

14 1/4" H x 16" W x 15 3/4" D